Go beyond sitting and staying quiet into the depth of understanding of your relationship to the mindspace.

We are excited to be working with Green Tree Yoga & Meditation to bring you this offering. Atma Yoga Meditation Teacher Training is a comprehensive meditation teacher training based on traditional Yoga teachings; where nearly all origins and practices of meditation have been cultivated for thousands of years.

We will explore the very beginnings of the meditative practices, how they developed and evolved, why there are different, what modern science tells us about these ancient practices, as well as how to build your own practice and teach these traditional meditative practices to your students.



Saturdays 2pm - 8:30pm (Jan 6, 13, 27)

Sundays 11am - 4:30pm (Jan 7, 14, 28)

Make-up Times will be available*

*Make up hours weekend scheduled TBA based on need.  Personal/Small group training also available for fee (can be split.)


Deepening Practice (w/o certification, ~ 20hour/ first two weekends) : $225.00**

South LA Community / Green Tree Graduates: Sliding scale $250-$350

Regular Rate: $350.00

With all Atma Yoga Teacher trainings, like Green Tree, we find ways to bring access to these teachings with as many options we can offer.


Green Tree Yoga & Meditation

8227 S. Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90047


**If you would like to register for the South LA Community/ Green Tree Graduate sliding scale rate, please e-mail info@greentreeyogameditation.org



For Level 1 certification:

• 33 hours containing a combination of on-site, online, workbook exercises and learning

• Pass all 3 quizzes and final

• Log a minimum of 8 hours of personal practice over 4 weeks

• Teach class in observed setting

1) Deepening Practice Path:

Module A: Lay the foundation for a quality meditation practice, by understanding the mind and its pathways through a traditional, eastern, scientific lens while preparing yourself for a deep and meaningful meditative practice.

Module B : Learn the ‘secrets’ of Yoga Mediation while simultaneously developing your own personal meditation practice that will lead to a more connected and meaningful life experience.

2) Teacher Certification PATH

Modules A&B which will give you a deep understanding of the traditions and practices of meditation, as well as a way to develop a personal practice.

Also Includes:

Module C which includes how to teach a meditation class, how to build goals for your students, what are the issues that can arise in both a class and a one-on-one session and resources to use

Full Level One Teacher Certification. Lifetime access to student resources and support from Atma Yoga Teacher Training and continuing education credits for your AYT certification.

** Deepening Practice Path can always be upgraded to Teacher Certification Path with payment of difference at any time with assessment and cost difference.

Areas of Study:

We are offering the level one teacher training course. Level One is the most comprehensive of the program as it covers the most theory and understanding. (Each subsequent levels become more focused per each individual and leads to a mentorship program or devotee path as appropriate.)

With a Level One level teaching certificate you will:

• Understand the concepts of Meditation and its ultimate goal from a traditional standpoint

• Understand the practical purposes of meditation while developing your own goals

• Be able to explain nearly all different teachings methods of meditation both in the “West” and “East”

• Create a deep personal practice of meditation that fits your lifestyle

• Incorporate deeper practices in other classes you may teach, including your Asana classes

• How to deal with contraindications and possible issues that may arise for your students

• Lead classes in over 5 different styles of traditional meditation practices

• Develop deeper more meaningful connections in your personal, emotional and spiritual life

Atma Yoga is committed the cultivation of these traditional teachings and have a constant lifetime connection to the Atma Yoga Teachers Network, which offers you free access to a number of online and live lifetime support and trainings, as well as discounts on future certification classes. 


**If you would like to register for the South LA Community/ Green Tree Graduate sliding scale rate, please e-mail info@greentreeyogameditation.org


Ittai is an avid Traditional Yogin, Instructional Designer, Researcher, and Student of Eastern and Western psychological practices. With over 20 years of practice in Meditation, Yoga, and other esoteric practices, Ittai has scoured through numerous volumes of traditional writings, and with the guidance of very devout teachers from nearly every walk of life. He has spent the past 5 years disassembling and reassembling the pathways that make up the Yoga tradition to help keep its original integrity, while bringing a western understanding to engage these concepts more easily with others; with a mindfulness towards non-appropriation.  He holds a 500 RYT with the Atma Yoga system, as well as YogaWorks 200 TT and is the West Coast representative of the complete AtmaYoga Teacher Training program.