Yoga, Empowerment and Strategies for Creating Body Positive, Inclusive and Accessible Yoga Classes



Join Yoga & Body Image Coalition and Green Tree Yoga & Meditation for a special evening with an all-bodies, inclusive yoga workshop and panel. The workshop will be led by renowned yogi, Dianne Bondy. A panel and discussion will immediately follow where we will discuss access to yoga for marginalized groups: POC, larger bodies, men and LGBTQ.

Green Tree Yoga & Meditation brings yoga and meditation to our South Los Angeles community and certifies yoga instructors that represent an inclusive yoga community. Yoga & Body Image Coalition has led the way in creating a global narrative about what a yogi looks like.

Join in a lively discussion, education, and community for change.



Friday, September 25th 

5:30 p.m. Workshop with Dianne

7:00 p.m. Discussion and panel


Green Tree Yoga & Meditation

8227 S. Western Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90047


Class: Suggested donation $10

Panel: Suggested donation $5 for space and refreshments

Workshop with Dianne:

Join Dianne Bondy for a master class with tips, strategies and techniques for modifying poses for different body types. Dianne will also help you to explore how to speak positively and inclusively when you teach yoga. The workshop is designed for teachers and practitioners alike, and will include a Q & A and discussion around yoga and accessibility.

Our Panel:



Dianne Bondy is a E-RTY 500 master instructor, creator of Yoga For All Teacher Training, Yoga and Body Image: 25 Personal Stories About Beauty, Bravery & Loving Your Body book contributor, is featured in the book, Yes, Yoga Has Curves, and on the leadership team  of the Yoga & Body Image Coalition.


Melanie Klein is a writer, speaker and Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies at Santa Monica College. She is a contributing author in 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics and Practice and is featured in Conversations with Modern Yogis. She is the co-editor of Yoga and Body Image: 25 Personal Stories About Beauty, Bravery + Loving Your Body and co-founder of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition.


Giselle Jones is currently a staff therapist at Didi Hirsch Taper Center in South LA serving primarily children, adolescents and families. She recently achieved her master’s degree in Social Welfare at UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and was the 2014 recipient of both the Jannette Alexander Award for clinical excellence from the CA Society of Clinical Social Work’s and UCLA’s Shapiro Merit Award. Giselle is a 200-hour level certified Hatha Yoga Instructor with practice in leading asana and breath meditation, and is currently in process of being certified in Mindfulness facilitation at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC).

Thalia González is a professor, activist, and writer committed to interdisciplinary, multicultural, and community-focused understandings of justice, law, society, race, politics, and institutional reform. Professor González serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors of CADRE, and on the Leadership Team of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition.